Lunar Ping

Internet application monitoring made easy.

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Introducing Lunarping.


Sleep tight and let Lunarping handle the system monitoring for you. HTTP, TCP, POP3 you name it and Lunarping watch it.


Track the monitoring and follow up the quailty of your Internet applications. Lunarping supports with full report generators


If a monitoring check fails Lunarping let you know and you will get an E-mail or SMS notification within seconds.

Join the Alpha Test Team!

We have just started our Alpha Test period. It will continue as long as needed.

The Alpha release is a set of the core features of Lunar Ping monitoring service like: HTTP, TCP, PING monitoring. It also supports with some basic up-time reports and email and SMS notifications.

Please join and help us to build a great monitoring tool. Register a Alpha Trail account here .

It is very easy to get started:

  1. Register your email here
  2. Receive email confirmation and follow the link in the email to fulfill the registration
  3. Create your account and log-in
  4. Add users that should be notified if monitoring fails
  5. Start creating monitoring checks
  6. Sleep tight and let Lunar Ping notify you if your system goes down

We still change the data model and it is NOT likely that we will do data migration when going from Alpha to Beta test. This means that your monitoring checks might be lost when we close down the Alpha test period. You will be notified when we close the test.